The animal-taming illusionist


Violet is pretty literally violet colored. The flowers in her hair are live ones (violets). Otherwise her appearance is pretty average; the most noteable feature might only be that she doesn’t allways make appropriate facial expressions, either from not fully understanding the appropriate one or just not following the social situation she’s currently in. Has a habit of staring a bit too much.

Hook: Primitive

  • Doesn’t really pick on on social cues, and takes the things people say literally or at face value.
  • Seems to be decent enough with spoken language but shows zero interest in written ones.
  • Doesn’t like metal to the point of refusing to touch it most of the time.
  • Equal parts enthralled and untrusting of mechanical/advanced technology.

Illusionist (4)
Animal Master (4)
Spellbinder (4)


Confirmed to maybe not be wearing clothes except for that glove???


A girl who apparently was raised in the deep forest and only recently learned about human society. Still not used to the new world, she has little understanding of things like fashion, cooking, or material possession. Growing up in the wilderness, she has a fondness for animals and flowers and pretty winged bugs.

She uses her illusions to present herself as a Human, Elf, Goblin, or whatever she thinks will blend in best, and does the same for her animals companions. If the illusion fails she attempts to erase her mistakes with spellbinding, and if that doesn’t work she’s likely to flee and create a new appearance. Her end goal is mostly just to experience a Fairy Tale for herself to see if the fantastic stories are really true.

Appearances so far:

  • A Falconer, assisted by Falcon the chickadee (default)
  • Harold, but tall (Told not to do that again)
  • Doodle Ardeth (Doodled by Harold)
  • No face Ali Jr. (Still weirded out by that not-animal)
  • Ardeth (Approved)
  • Not oily, unlike the rest of the party standing in oil
  • Saey. The whole party got to be Saey


Rising Through The Reaches Akiza