The human boy living in the Silverwood.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Initially negative, now neutral]
“Oh, brilliant. Another child.” -upon seeing Vidon for the first time

[Current Feelings: Positive]
“Do you have any orange gems?”
Ever since finding the magical gems in the forest, and especially after finding the bush of gems, Harold was incredibly curious and was filled with a desire to touch them and find out what they do, but due to the annoying warnings of Slythana, he decided to leave things be, until the party came across the bush, pocketing quite a few orange gems. When he met the child, he was delighted to find they both had a fondness for the orange ones.
[Current Feelings: Extremely positive]
“He’ll come back soon, I’m sure.” -Remarking on Vidon’s dad’s disappearance
Despite not liking children much, Ael’srill took instant liking to this child because he took the party in (and gave them good food) and seemed self-sufficient, smart and positive- very reminiscent of their own little brother.
[Current feelings: Positive]
Sylthana sees a lot of her own little brother in Vidon, so she took an immediate liking to him. He was very kind to the party and she was surprised with how capable he was on his own. She hopes to see him again soon.




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