Sylthana Farrora

Nature loving Cleric



Age: 22

Height: 5’4"


  • Cleric (4)
  • Botanist (3)
  • Singer (3)
  • Philosopher (2)

Physical Description: Half Elf. Petite, tan with white hair and green eyes. Wears her hair in two braids, flowers are always in it. Wears a comfortable flowy white dress, with a red scarf acting as her belt. Knee high boots have a flat heel which makes it easier to travel far distances. Hood reaches down to her wrists, worn when traveling and especially in towns. Has a bag hanging to her side where she keeps tomes, papers and ink, plus other knickknacks she collects along her way.

Personality: A “true neutral” likes to look at both sides of any situation. Naive and curious, especially when it comes to the world. Hard working despite her short comings, wanting to set a good example for her siblings. Very organized due to being incredibly forgetful thanks to her memory. A hoarder of sorts, especially when it comes to plants and shiny objects. Very knowledgeable over all wildlife, believes it all should be protected. A pacifist, does not like fighting, and only uses her magic for healing, distractions or for helping to get rid of something that is noticeably not a person. Her magic is particularly strong against monstrous creatures, but she seems to fear using it for some reason. She does not trust anyone other than her sibling, and does not open up to others easily- sharply contrasting her very cheerful and kind exterior which would lead people to believe otherwise.
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  • Flora staff – Her magical staff that lets her perform (you guessed it) magic
  • Tomes – where the majority of her magical knowledge comes from
  • Papers & ink – for writing down important things that she HAS to remember
  • Bottles and flasks – for potions and wildlife that she stores on her travels
  • Healing potion ingredients (bought from shop in valehallow)
  • A dozen of red roses – to be used… at a later date
  • 2 sharps – her cash muns
  • A folded piece of paper – (?)
    last updated tenth session

Extra Info:
-Sylthana’s tomes contain information on all sorts of magic spells, but due to her memory she has forgotten most of them. The ones she is most familiar with are Cure, Fire, Water, and Light

- Sylthana is well versed in various languages, including old obscure ones that are no longer used.


Tale: Sylthana comes from the segregated Kingdom of Oshaluna, where she lived with her parents and two siblings. They were not living in poverty, but those that surrounded them did not treat them so kindly due to them being “impure”. Their father had one day received an opportunity to go off on an expedition in search of treasure and great riches, it seemed to be the solution they needed to live a comfortable life free from prejudice of the elves. Unfortunately their piece of hope quickly faded when he was mysteriously killed on the expedition. Her sibling Ael’srill had announced that they planned on taking after their father’s footsteps and search for the treasure. Concerned for their well being she decided to go with them to find the treasure. This was an opportunity not only to help but to improve her clerical abilities, was what she hoped.

Hook: She suffers from a selective memory, causing her to sometimes not recall important information. Other times she could remember something completely unrelated or unnecessary, even if she doesn’t need to remember anything at the time. This memory seems to trigger from specific things or events and can range from forgetting a person’s name to forgetting what she did within the span of half a day.

Things she has forgotten up to this point on her adventure (so Karina doesn’t forget herself lol):

-Everything past the encounter of the brood scion when they made their trip to bellwater

last updated session 7

Extra info & Trivia

  • Beliefs

“May her blessings reach, like how the rose receives sunlight. May she be the thorns that protect us from those who seek to harm. May her guidance aid us in the most troubling of times, in her holy name I ask these things.”

Sylthana worships Aeolia the Goddess of Nature. The easiest way to spot a follower of Aeolia is if they have the emblem of the red rose somewhere on them. This could be on their clothes, their bag, a tattoo, whatever! In Sylthana’s case, the emblem is on both her outfit and there is a rose within her staff. Aeolia has four daughters who are the goddesses of the seasons, it’s not necessary to worship them but you get nice bonuses if you do. Following Aeolia grants a follower to become more attuned to nature, as well as being able to learn special magical abilities that comes with training and fasting. Most followers complete a pilgrimage at some point in their life, something Sylthana herself has promised to do with two other people. Some followers have the honor of being blessed with the gift of expertise in magic, making them essentially two steps ahead of regular followers. Followers of Aeolia have a much easier time handling plants and animals, and vow to protect the creation of the Goddess by preserving all wildlife. Eating meat is not forbidden, so long as the animal population is kept stable. Those who faithfully follow the Goddess’ teachings will be given rewards once they reach the afterlife, she’s not very strict so it’s not the hardest thing either. Each follower once converted is given her holy book, the basic prayer for when visiting altars and one item pertaining to the blessing the goddess gives the follower (in sylthana’s case, this is how she received her staff)

  • Personal (and probably useless) notes
    - Sylthana is left handed
    - Her birthday is the first day of spring, shared with the Goddess of Spring
    - Her favourite flower is the magnolia
    -Sour foods are her least favourite
    - Other than her mother and little brother, she has two people she cares for back home


Sylthana Farrora

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