Roy Arkan

Studious Eulidese mage seeking knowledge.



  • Golemancer (4)
  • Archaeologist (3)
  • Arcanist (3)
  • Actor (2)


  • Arcane Reading Glasses: These glasses allow the user to decipher ancient texts easier. They do not provide a bonus to any rolls. Currently lent out to Ali Jr. for extra style points.
  • Smoking Pipe: A normal smoking pipe.
  • Enchanted Stone: A useful stone that acts similarly to chalk. Used for drawing runes and what not.
  • Bottle of Distilled Magic: Although mostly empty, there’s a few drops left. This can be used for creating golems.
  • Golemancy Reference Book: A book containing some of the more complex golemancy diagrams and other reference materials.
  • Iron Sword: A normal iron sword, provided by the Prince’s armory.
  • Improved Bow: An improved bow provided by the Prince’s armory.
  • Fake Beard: A fake beard ripped of the face of some forgettable clown. Dark brown and fairly long.
  • Mysterious Coin: A hexagonal coin made of bronze with a stylized eye on its face side and an open hand on the tail side.
  • Sharp Count: 13

Age: 26
Height: 5’8"

Physical Description: Roy is an average height human with brown skin, medium length dark brown hair, amber eyes, and a toned build. The blue cloak and hood he wears is held together with a golden pin. Under the cloak, he wears common adventurer clothes such as a brown tunic, pants, and boots.

Personality: While at first glance Roy can seem quiet and reserved, he’s a very friendly and optimistic person with a natural curiosity for magic and the world he lives in. Despite that, he knows when to be cautious when unknown magic is involved, or the situation calls for it.

Tale: Roy is from Eulidann, where his thirst for knowledge stumbled him into the arcane arts and archaeology. As a self proclaimed seeker of knowledge, Roy’s desire to learn lead him away from Eulidann and towards Deschaine, where he is looking to further his golemancy studies. Roy also has no living relatives.

Eskaer’s message to Roy: “You will never find peace unless those you now oppose are stopped.”

Roy Arkan

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