Valehallow's militia captain.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Neutral]
“Defying orders, are you? I like the way you think.” -said to Kensa after she allowed the party 10 minutes to look around Dalayn’s room
[Current feelings: Positive]
Appreciative that she granted special permission to figure out Dalayn the disappearance despite Miria’s anger.
[Current Feelings: Neutral]
“She’s a little scary, I’m surprised she helped us.” Appreciates what she’s done for them, that’s about it.

[Current Feelings: Positive?]
Harold has a hard time remembering Kensa, he knows she helped the party by disobeying her orders, but can’t remember much else about her or ever what she looked like. Aside from that one gesture, he cannot remember a thing about her.




Kensa is a dwarven woman of about 30 with strong features. She has served Mayor Miria as the captain of the Valehallow Militia for several years now and is well-respected by the community. She is the older sister of Hada, but the two look almost nothing alike and their personalities have little in common. Kensa is a composed—if somewhat gruff—woman who carefully considers every possibility before acting.


Session 1: The party met Kensa at the doors to the mayor’s mansion, where she had been in a meeting with the mayor. The party was able to convince her to let them in to hopefully assist in the investigation. After being unceremoniously kicked out Kensa allowed the party ten minutes to search Dalayn’s room before escorting them out of the building.


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