Kalise Hillglade

Ranger from a nomadic village who wants to learn about the world.



Human, age 24


Ranger (4)

Novice Elemental Mage (3)

Archeology Buff (3)

Trader (2)

Weapons: Crossbow for long range, hunting knife for closer combat.

Hook: A terrible liar.



Crossbow standard crossbow

Longbow adds +1 to ranger roll, cannot use with a magic buff

Hunting Knife knife given to Kalise by her father before she departed on her journey

Quiver carries arrows for the crossbow

Journal contains notes and scribbles related to ruins and the history behind them

Coin Purse a small amount of change, enough for a few good meals

Pelts and Herbs from traveling, for trading

Teleportation Stone received from underground citadel

Silverwood Barrette Smooth and silver, pins one side of hair back

6 Poison Arrows From Keelara’s shop. She gave arrows to start her great archery adventure

Poison to put into the arrows

Oil a flask of oil for the arrows

Bottle of Oil used in baths to make skin soft and leaves you smelling great. Smells of flowers and vanilla, “Joy”

12 sharps
Updated session 12



Kalise is from a nomadic hunting village which can be found in the region of Strifeheim (the north-east). She has long auburn hair and brown eyes. Much like others from her village, she wears a dark green cloak with a hood, a cream sleeveless shirt with black shorts, brown boots, and black and green arm guards.

Coming from a small nomadic village, she is not used to cities and large groups of people since she is more acquainted with the closeness of smaller settlements. Due to traveling around the Strifeheim region she has taken interest in ruins and the history surrounding them. She left her village to learn more about the other regions of the world and to discover more about magic and ruins to report back to her people. Kailse is quite honest, and due to her natural earnestness she is a bad liar.

Gets seasick.

Message from Eskaer: “Take care that your interest in magic does not go too far. The ranks of those who oppose you are filled with people who were once like you…”


Kalise Hillglade

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