Harold B. Stonefist

Unusual, Short, Silver tongued gambler.


Age: 33


Smooth Talker: (4)
Gambler: (3)
Tinkerer: (3)
Master of Disguise: (3)


A deck of cards: A simple deck of cards (standard 52 deck).
Several books: A few simple books, including a collection of short stories, a longer fantasy tale, and a historical text focusing on his homeland.
Tinkering tools: Several tools, such as a wrench, screwdriver, hammer, magnifying glass, etc as well as simple components such as gears, nuts and bolts.
Several Disguises: A seemingly endless supply of random accessories and clothing to disguise himself with.
Two Pistols: Two simple rudimentary pistols with one shot each around his waist in holsters.
An Egg: A shiny, and smooth fossilized egg with green veins that wrap around the egg. Olvos confirmed it was a fossilized egg, and not a stone, and rubbed away the stone.
Dark Blue Cloak: A dark blue cloak with several pockets, and a hood. It has a button of Frederick’s Fine Fashion Wares.
Flask: A simple leather flask, with a suitable cork. It is filled with a mysterious green liquid* of a long-lost love.
Scarf: A dark black scarf from our good buddy Novoi.
Iron Short-Sword: A short sword, a little longer than it should be for Harold, but it’s much more suited for him. It fits over his shoulder.
14 Orange Crystals: Fourteen orange colored, thumb-sized crystals. They have magical potential, but have no noticeable magical charge. Vidon generously gave Harold a lot of crystals.
Black Gloves: A pair of black gauntlets received from the same generous bandit.
10 Special Bullets: 10 special bullets, made with blackpowder. Keelara is unsure how they will work, so give it a shot.
Short Bow: An adequate short bow. Fit perfectly for Harold’s length, as well as a quaint supply of arrows.

*The liquid was originally the black goo remains of the Brood Scion, until it liquefied and slipped off the cracked stone tablet.

Current Sharp Count: 10


Physical Description: Harold is a human, 4’ 8" tall with auburn wavy hair, and light (pale looking) skin. He’s rather portly looking, and usually wears a mask/banana to cover his face, and a sutler style hat. It’s common for him to wear a dark cloak and leather boots, and usually gloves of some kind, but with each new disguise he changes what he needs to – but often he wears a hat, and something to cover his face (e.g. a mask, or holding a fan, etc). He sometimes stumbles around, but is surprisingly rather flexible.

Personality: He’s quick to get to know people and outgoing, but usually indoors – he gets rather uncomfortable or self conscious in public areas. Additionally, Harold often does not initiate conversations when being singled out and making friends or allies, but when thrown into a crowd it’s easier to become lost in the mob and he finds it easier to open up. He’s very lucky and can talk himself in and out of situations and convince most people of outrageous things. He is also bookworm and a lover of fantasy stories but is well versed in several historical documents (whatever he doesn’t know he talks like he does). He gets his money from ill means (eg, gambling) and is usually moving from city to city, but he has a heart of gold.

Tale: Harold grew up in a rather “rough” childhood and left all he knew behind before he was of age. Harold was born in Oshnaluna, and traveled around eastern parts of Deshaine as he grew older. When he was a child, though, he read countless of stories of the outlandish adventures sea faring pirates had, and longed for such a life. When he left, without anything to his name, he set out to live his dream of becoming a full fledged pirate. However, using his smooth talking, he convinced everyone he met that he was a well established pirate Stonefist the Brash, hailing from Strifeheim, who was on the run with a high bounty – an exaggeration of the fact he ran away from home. He was in hard fought battles he barely made out alive – an exaggeration of an argument he got into at a market square over which fruit was actually in season. And many more hearty tales.

Harold is right handed, his birthday is the Summer Solstice, and he has a fondness for poetry. He is a gifted speaker (on occasion…) but he struggles to put his thoughts into words, to commit them to paper. He tries in the dead of night, when all is quiet, alone in his thoughts, to write what he can; to try and write how he feels or write his own poetry, but he fails time and time again. He secretly seeks out anything he can write on as a form of practice, but sadly nothing is good enough, each piece is wasted night after night.

Harold also has a fondness for water and the rain. He is casually seen on the edge of a boat or ship fixated on the waves and sea life, longing to join them, and mesmerized by their graceful, almost ballet. The rain envelopes him and he has fond memories of sitting on the windowsill of his childhood home watching the rain fall and breathing in the aroma. He would spend countless nights, for hours, staring out at the land below as the rain swept down and washed away anything and everything. For him this was calming.

Harold has a weakness for sweets. Marmalade is one of his favorite snacks, the sweetness overpowers him. However, any sweet food comes in short supply when Harold is involved. He can’t help himself

Seeing what Rithalian has done and is planning to do, revealed a deep-seated hatred Harold had not shown before. While others were certainly not happy with the situation, Harold was definitely not pleased, being the most vocal with his indignation. He has shown extreme anger towards messing with other’s rights and freedoms, and dictating their fate without consent or inclusion whatsoever. Those who act with such complete disregard for others are subhuman – unforgivable.

Hook: He is incredibly self conscious about his appearance, and almost always in disguise, convincing others he looks differently than he appears to “Perhaps it’s the lighting…. weird…”

Whisper of Warning: “Those who wear the symbol will know your face, small one. You must prove yourself if they are to ever trust you.”


Harold B. Stonefist

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