A somewhat paranoid employee of Mayor Miria.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Negative]
“Well that hardly seems a rational person.” -in response to seeing Hada for the first time

“A tad bonkers, head on a bit sideways?” -when asked for a further description of the dwarf woman
[Current feelings: Neutral bordering negative]
Not exactly happy being thrusted hunting for a random adult man because of her negligence and pausing their search for their father.
[Current feelings: Neutral]
“I feel bad for her, she needs a vacation.” Feels pity for the stress she obviously deals with because of her job. Also feels bad about her ring.

[Current Feelings: Pitiful]
Harold felt upset about her situation and wished he could have helped her more, he was moved by her urgency, and willingness to try whatever she could. He gladly accepted helping her however he could, and was extremely upset with Ardeth for taking her ring, something he wont forget very easily.




Hada is a young dwarven woman of about 4 feet tall with plain but pleasant features and a penchant toward the paranoid and overdramatic. She worries about spies from Halaroth more than is perhaps healthy but has her more sensible sister, Kensa, to depend on.


Session 1: Encountering a hysterical Hada was what set the characters onto their path of investigating Dalayn’s disappearance. After getting what little information Hada could offer the party left her to begin their own investigation. Though Ardeth did convince Hada to part with a sum of sharps and a treasured heirloom before he would agree to the job.


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