A strange lich that appears to rule the underground citadel.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Negative]
“I don’t suppose you’d mind telling us a way out of here?” -when prompted for any further questions

“Having a bad day?” -upon seeing the lich kneeling in pain on the floor
[Current feelings: Positive]
Despite the Eskaer being really frustratingly cryptic, he helped the group escape and they respect spirits.
[Current feelings: Neutral, leaning negative ]
“I’m sad we failed to help him.” She’s saddened by his death and being unable to help him. Any question regarding a message being said to her results in her demeanor changing rather significantly.
[Current feelings: Guilty, and terrified]
I didn’t mean to attack him, but it was sudden and it looked like a dangerous situation. I feel bad that after everything was settled, we couldn’t even help him.


Lich – 6


This lich had sat upon its throne undisturbed for centuries before the party met him. The lich possesses immense powers that it uses to keep something sealed below. The lich isn’t much of a fan of the party and refused to inform them of his name.



Session 1

The party encountered a mysterious skeleton on a throne and Ael’srill used their abilities as a spirit medium to awaken it and reveal its nature as a lich. While it was in the midst of this awakening Harold took the opportunity to strike it, perhaps hoping to stop this awakening, only succeeding in earning the lich’s ire and starting a fight they could not hope to win. Eventually, the lich gave up on fighting the party and informed them of what was going on, if cryptically. It then doubled over in effort as something below tried to break the seal on whatever is sealed below. The lich them commanded the party to do something about it, lest they all die horrifically.


Rising Through The Reaches Yuoaman