Dalayn Vennic

A young man hailing from the storied town of Valehallow.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Extremely Negative]
“Right. The mayor’s son now happens to be possessed by a demon apparently hellbent on possibly destroying everything. Not terribly original, is he?” -muttering to himself while being kept in the Valehallow interrogation room
[Current feelings: Extremely negative]
“The good news is we found him, the bad news is he’s proooobably possessed by a demon and set your house on fire.” – explaining to the Miria when asked about him in the interrogation room.
[Current feelings: negative]
“Another youth lost to the dark powers… a shame” Obviously she doesnt like them, mostly because, you know, demon possession maybe.

[Current Feelings: He feels sorry for him but mostly negative]
Harold is concerned for what motivation Dalayn has for betraying his family and homeland, and why he has – seemingly- sold himself to a demon for ultimate power. However, he has put the party’s lives in jeopardy and is a clear enemy.




Dalayn is the mysterious son of Valehallow’s mayor, Miria Vennic. He is about twenty years old and is well-recognized in Valehallow if not well-known.


Session 1: Dalayn’s disappearance is what sparked the party’s first adventure.

Dalayn Vennic

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