Argus (The Adventurer)

The greatest adventurer in Valehallow, apparently.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Neutral]
“Enjoying the view?” -remarked when seeing Argus hanging for dear life out a window
[Current feelings: Neutral]
A bit suspicious of who he is, where he came from and if he was following the group, unconcerned by him.
[Current Feelings: Neutral]
“I hope he’s okay…” Doesn’t think much of him, probably worried he’d accidentally get himself killed or something.
[Current feelings: Neutral]
“Hey how’s it going? Hanging in there?”
Doesn’t think he’s all that bad of a guy, but was very suspicious and cautious of him, and successfully convinced him to go somewhere completely different from the party.

[Current feelings: Confused]
Initially thought he was cool but on the other hand he did pretty much abandon her, although on the other other hand he was busy stopping a villain, but on the fourth hand there apparently wasn’t a villain in the first place wtf?


Adventurer — 1


Argus is a young native of Valehallow who has dedicated his life to becoming a famed adventurer.


Session 1: Argus interrupted the players while they were searching Dalayn’s room. The party bantered with the youth for a while before Harold was able to convince him to take his investigation into The Crooked Crow—Valehallow’s worst tavern—where he would presumably get very bad food poisoning.

Argus (The Adventurer)

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