Blade for hire, assassin, and all around shady guy.



Assassin – 4
Scoundrel – 3
Strategist – 3
Practical Chef – 2


  • Daggers: A pair of twin daggers that are attached to his belt. They’re somewhat concealed beneath his coat.
  • Collapsable Cooking Equipment: A small cooking kit that consists of a pot, silverware, some basic spices, a bit of flint and tinder, and a serving spoon. All collapsable and all fit into a pouch affixed to his belt.
  • Calladain Spices: Added to his pouch of cooking equipment.
  • Compass: For knowing when to go North, though he claims it points to what he wants most (yes this is totally a movie reference don’t judge me). Keeps it in his pocket.
  • Arm Repair Kit: Mostly just small wrenches and tools that are imbued with a bit of magic – for if his cyborg arm gets damaged or something happens to it. Fits in a separate pouch on his belt.
  • Carved Iron Ring: Intimidated jewelry store owner into giving to him as part of paying for the other ring. Learned that it was a promise ring.
  • Shiny Silver (?) Necklace: Necklace looted off of dead elven woman in Old Herrion.
  • Piece of refined Iron: Obtained from blacksmith. Likely thinking of using it with his cooking tools. Kept in pocket.
  • An Amazingly Delicious Recipe for Potato and Onion Soup: A recipe found in a chest at the bottom of one of the tunnels. Also had a note scribbled at the bottom that read “I found the real one – you’re too late” in regards to the treasure that had once been there.
  • High quality wood bow & quiver full of arrows: Taken from Prince Therric’s armory.
  • One throwing knife: Not quite up to the same quality as his main weapons – more suited for throwing. Looted off bandits.
  • Pair of Dirks: Taken from Prince Therric’s armory – similar to a Japanese dirk.
  • Traditional Halarothian Knife: A sturdy knife suitable for slashing, stabbing, and cutting – similar to a real life tantō.
  • Calladain Stiletto Daggers: A pair of sharp daggers – good for both throwing and stabbing. Similar to real life stilettos.
  • Whetstone: For sharpening knives, daggers, and all manner of bladed weapons.
  • Two wanted posters: One wanted poster for 1000 sharps with a very vague drawing of the criminal, and the other with a clearer drawing of a criminal for 50 sharps.
  • Hilt of Sword: The hilt of a crystalline sword emblazoned with the Cold Fire symbol, pulled from a corpse; the blade disappeared when it was removed from the body of the corpse it was found in.

Current number of sharps: 46
(last updated session 11)


Age: 30
Height: 6’3
Black hair, bright blue eyes; he has 3 scars on his face – one that cuts through the left side of his lip, one across the bridge of his nose, and one through his left brow; a tall but lean man of athletic muscular build who wears a long dark coat that has studded leather armor shoulder pads; he wears a loose long sleeved shirt of softer fabric that tucks into black gauntlets that are open at the fingers; his right arm is cybernetic, though this is easily missed at first glance; he has a deep red scarf + hood combo that sits over his shoulders and conceals part of his neck; at his waist are two curved daggers, and he wears comfortable loose-fitting pants that are tucked into leather boots fit for adventuring and sneaking

Tale/Personality: A bit of an enigma wrapped in a mystery, Ardeth is a blade for hire who will take on just about any job. His past is something no one seems to know any concrete details about, and if you ask around you’ll likely get different fantastical stories and rumours that contradict each other simply due to the lack of information about him. A tad arrogant, cocky, and prone to making witty sarcastic quips here and there. Serves himself first and foremost, and dislikes and distrusts political figures and those in positions of authority. Regularly voices his distaste for magic, as he believes it usually backfires and can do more harm than good, but is slowly beginning to change this outlook due to it having saved his life on more than one occasion during his time with the group thus far.

Due to the events of Bellwater, Ardeth is very gradually beginning to view the group with less disdain – the most notable of this being him thanking the group for being there when he had fallen under the scion’s influence, as he recognises without them he would’ve ended up as one of the villagers. Ardeth is beginning to realise this group of individuals may be potentially worth his trust, and is becoming more willing to give them a chance; granted, while not about to fully open up to the party, he will likely be showing them a bit more patience in the future. He is quietly surprised that they didn’t simply abandon him after running off, and is giving more serious thoughts to staying with the party despite the fact that the contract with Miria has been completed.
(updated Session 6)

Hook: Illiterate; though sharply tongued, Ardeth cannot read or write. He will pretend that he does however and will often get others to read things in his stead.




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