Ael'srill "Wigi" Farrora

The charming spirit medium


Pronounced el-s-ril

Age: 20
Height: 6’
Alignment: True Neutral


  • Spirit medium (4)
  • Telekinetic (3)
  • Charmer (3)
  • Acrobat (2)

Physical: Tan, green eyes, mid-back length white hair and a charismatic smile. Gender is ambiguous, claims whatever is the most advantageous. Has a orange tattoo of an emblem on their left hand and a circlet with a red crystal. Has light blue caplet robe with bronze trimmings. A long gray tunic underneath, a black belt with pouches, dark blue pants and long black boots.

Personality: Lover of food and humor. Not afraid to admit cluelessness about metallic technology and animals; very knowledgeable in the supernatural and politics. A fast thinker and has very good reflexes. Very realistic, witty and occasionally sarcastic; has a what “will result in the best outcome” mindset. Very protective of their family, level headed and loyal above all else. Would rather not fight but when push comes to shove, they can hold their own.

Unfazed by death and apparently a bit claustrophobic. Very much dislikes hypocrites and not afraid to call people out on their shit if it affects them personally. Though not religious, Ael’srill takes anything having to do with giving prayers to those who lose their lives without proper send offs or witness killing persons first hand very seriously. It is their one personal duty, since they have the power to do so, to send souls to rest peacefully when possible.

Updated session 6


  • A small dagger – sheathed in their boot, new, unused, backup protection.
  • Small amount of money – 21 sharps
  • Their lucky coin – memento of their father.
  • Sage, matches, animal bones and incense – general spirit medium-y things.
  • Ring with the symbol of the cold fire – given by the Eskaer
  • Map with marked teleportation spots – given by the Mayor Miria
  • Teleportation Stone – found in the underground citadel
  • Glowing star stone – pretty, ice blue found in tower under the ocean
  • Silver bracelet – found on the corpse of a man in the tower under the ocean; has the symbol of the cold fire
  • Higher quality bow and arrows – Found in Harrion’s armory
  • Quarter staff – Found in Harrion’s armory
  • A lantern with oil – Supplied by the Prince
  • Magic mirror – Found in a chest, opened with the Cold Fire crystal blade
    Updated session 11

Tale: Comes from the segregated Kingdom of Oshnaluna, and in order to have a good place in society the choice is to either be pure elf or be rich. Though not poor, the chance to have a better life presented itself to Ael’srill’s father as an expedition to find ancient treasure. Sadly he was “killed through mysterious circumstances.” Ael’srill, being a skeptic, now has a goal to discover the truth behind his disappearance and to find wealth in his stead to provide a better life for their family so his sacrifice would not be in vain.

After some strange incidents, Ael’srill’s parents contacted the local shaman to visit them to make sure their child was not cursed. She found that it was not a curse, but merely a result of them being gifted; that the reason they had knowledge only someone from the past would were through the whispers of those long departed and that they should nurture the young Ael’srill’s power. So their parents, being big believers in destiny, agreed that Ael’srill should become a spirit medium when they were 13 years old.

Hook: Flips a coin when feeling superstitious or indecisive. The coin was given to them by their father as a good luck charm. Ael’srill ignored a flip once, thinking a “good luck charm” was silly, and got robbed as a result. Since then, they vowed they would never ignore outcomes by their coin.

Extra info:
Birthdate: 1st day of Fall
Handed: Ambidexterous but prefers right
Combat: Has some training in martial arts but excels at dodging and reflecting blows/using opponent’s power against them

Message from Lich Eskaer: “You must take care, those who will not bow will use you if your dedication ever wavers. Ward yourself, lest you put your companions at risk.”


Ael'srill "Wigi" Farrora

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