The sharp is the standard currency used throughout The Reaches. They are silver coins approximately 26 mm in diameterminted by the Imperial Bank of Deschaine in the capital city of Ahraemis. The "tails" side of the coin holds the crest belonging to the ruling family at the time of its minting while the "heads" side includes the face of the Emperor or Empress at the time of minting in profile.

The coins are called sharps because of a nearly imperceptible slot in the center of the coin into which the coin's information is imprinted during the minting process. Sharps come in increments of 1, 5, 50, and 500. Sharps of differing values do not change in size, but have the value printed at the bottom of either face, with the information also encoded magically into the "sharp" of the coin.

Value What you get?
1sp The cheapest ale and possibly a night of sickness
6sp A decent, if not fancy, meal
15sp A meal at a fine dining establishment.
150sp An slightly below average horse
350sp A high quality war mount
900sp A small apartment in a nice area of town.
1800sp A nice two-bedroom home.

1 Approximately the size of a Canadian loonie.


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