Miria Vennic

The mayor of the storied town of Valehallow.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Extremely Negative]
“Politicians. They’re always like this; it starts out as one favour and before you know it they start asking for more until you’ve become their own personal lapdog. Typical.” -remarked on after the party signed an agreement stating they would investigate suspicious circumstances in the next town over without pay in exchange for their freedom
[Current feelings: Neutral negative]
Knows she’s just doing her job but doesn’t care much for her abrasive nature.
[Current Feelings: Neutral]
“She’s also scary… but she’s not the worst.” Not the worst political figure she’s known, still a bit scary though.

[Current Feelings: Neutral]
“The good news is your son is doing very well… The bad news is he… well might be a demon…”
Initially, Harold wanted to help the mayor, but after being blown off by her he felt very put off. He is still willing to help her, but her constant rudeness and accusations did not sit well with Harold.




Miria is the latest of a long line of mayors and other leaders to come from the ancient House Vennic. She was first elected to her position over thirty years ago and has run unopposed during most elections in that period. She is widely popular for her fair policies and the many trade agreements with both Halaroth and Calladai that have sent Valehallow into a major economic boom. Her hair has started to gray in recent years, but she has looked much throughout her time in office.

She is the mother of Dalayn, a youth of about twenty years.



Session 1: Miria was in her office going over reports and the like when the party walked in, offering to help with the investigation into Dalayn’s disappearance. After a short, terse exchange the mayor demanded that Kensa escort the party out, refusing to work with them.

Miria Vennic

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