Man a part of the Cold Fire society.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Negative, but also curious]
“So this ‘Cold Fire’ rubbish is real after all…even so, fight the good fight be damned – what kind of man leaves his son for nearly a year, with no backup plan?” -muttering to himself while in Vidon’s house
[Current Feelings: Deeply curious, and hopeful]
“Wait, like the ring?”
Upon seeing the design he remembers, not immediately, that it looks familiar. As Ardeth and Ael’srill examine it and determine it’s the same insignia as the ring, Harold is hopeful we are on the path to unlocking this mystery.
[Current Feelings: Mixed]
Hopeful that they’re on the right track to figure out the lich’s message but a bit upset that he would leave his son with no backup plan should he not come back.



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