A young goblin child from Valehallow. Loves potato soups.


Player Testimonials

[Current Feelings: Neutral Negative]
“I didn’t sign on for this job to be a babysitter…” -muttering to himself upon finding Ali
[Current feelings: Neutral]
Doesn’t really care much for children, but tries their best to be nice to her.
[Current feelings: Neutral]
“She’s a nice girl, I’m glad we got her home safe.” Though she feels Ali is a sweet child, it’s a nice reminder that Sylth does not want children anytime soon. They’re so rambunctious…

[current Feelings: Positive]
Harold is glad he could reunite Ali with her mother, and enjoyed Ardeth’s soup. He thinks Ali is a good kid and hopes to see her again.




Ali is a young goblin child of approximately 4 years old. The players encountered her while exploring the mysterious underground citadel they found themselves in after traveling through the teleportation circle in Dalayn’s chambers. She had somehow fallen into the citadel from Valehallow, perhaps unnaturally. They narrowly prevented her from becoming a feral chimera’s next meal. The party is currently escorting her, in hopes that they will be able to return her to her family when they return to Valehallow.



Session 2

The party encountered Ali while searching the underground citadel they found themselves in after braving the teleportation circle. She was being terrorized by a feral chimera that the party was able to dispatch handily. The party then scooped her up and are escorting her home, but not before they find a way back to Valehallow.


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